I have always had a fascination with birds for some reason.  I think I may have been one in a former life.  Wouldn’t it be so great to be able to fly?  Anytime you wanted to get away, you’d just have to spread your wings and could just go.

Good news kind of related to yesterday’s post: we had some visitors at the bird feeder over the weekend.  I think they really have figured out that we have it in the front yard now (as opposed to the back yard where we just don’t have anything to hang it off of like normal people do).

Check out this stunning bluejay!  I just love all of the different colors on its wings.  I hope they decide to nest near us this spring.

I think this is a woodpecker although I’m not sure.  It was pecking the wood after it ate some bird seeds so … woodpecker?!

Then last but not least, this little cardinal flew in for a minute and I couldn’t get over how vibrantly red his feathers are.  It was like a bird kingdom in our front yard for about five minutes that day.  Pretty neat for a bird fanatic like me.


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