thief in our yard

I woke up one morning to find this note on the kitchen counter which was pointing towards my camera (obviously not seen in this shot because, well, I kind of needed it to shoot this shot).  [Please, let’s not get into the misspelling right now.]  So I turned on the camera and hit the play button to find this:

Can you see the little thief?!  I bought the bird feeder a couple of weeks ago and was kind of upset that it sat in our front yard full until a couple of days ago.  Naturally, I thought “oh good!  The birds have finally figured it out.”  Only to have my balloon deflated by this scene, and the realization that the bird feeder is just too close to the other branches making it easy for these chubby squirrels to feed off of it.  Chubby, yes.  Look who was staring at me when I walked over to the window to examine the crime scene:

Trying to be all cute hiding behind one of the branches.  Oh I see you, you seed stealing creature.  Hence, the bird feeder has been moved to a taller branch farther away from their reach.  Let’s hope this does this trick.


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