good airport food

the food court area at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, WA ... love the big wall of windows overlooking the runways

I’m obviously *not* referring to Boston’s Logan airport (sorry folks).  My last post relating to my recent Seattle trip is about how different other airports are (or can be) from what I’m used to in Boston.  I mean, just the architecture and traffic flow alone of Sea-Tac and SFO are so much nicer and welcoming.  And to top it off, the food options are so much better at these two airports.

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coconut custard

I love to bake, but because of my stupid food allergies, most of the stuff I bake is stuff I can’t eat myself. But, I love to bake. It’s the one thing that I have to focus on actually using precise measurements to make something, which is so unlike my other crafty obsessions. Like cooking especially. Recipe? What recipe? Oh my poor husband – the same dish never tastes the same twice.

I found this recipe for coconut custard on Alicia Paulson’s blog the other day and decided to give it a try. I remembered having some dried, unsweetened coconut in our cupboard at home so I made ours using that. Here’s what it looked like in the end:

It turned out good but rather wet, and I think she refers to this in her post. Perhaps the coconut releases more liquid when it cooks? Too much sugar? Hmmmm. Still yummy though. 🙂