good airport food

the food court area at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, WA ... love the big wall of windows overlooking the runways

I’m obviously *not* referring to Boston’s Logan airport (sorry folks).  My last post relating to my recent Seattle trip is about how different other airports are (or can be) from what I’m used to in Boston.  I mean, just the architecture and traffic flow alone of Sea-Tac and SFO are so much nicer and welcoming.  And to top it off, the food options are so much better at these two airports.

On this particular trip I had a layover in San Francisco on the way to Seattle.  Ordinarily I do anything possible to avoid a layover but it was impossible because nobody flies direct from Boston to Seattle these days, so SFO wasn’t a bad stop.  During my senior year in high school, I worked at a salon and spa in downtown San Francisco and I remember thinking the best part of being there were the lunch options, especially when I worked at Macy’s and could go downstairs to the cellar every day.  One of the places I used to love going to was Boudin Bakery because I loved to get the clam chowder inside a sourdough bread bowl, and I never got tired of it.  Plus, I could eat their bread all day if I had to.

 So you can only imagine my delight when I walked through the food court area at SFO to see that they have a Boudin Bakery.  I went with a Caesar salad which came with a nice piece of their sourdough baguette.  (I would’ve opted for the clam chowder but I didn’t have a very long layover, and I think I am allergic to some of the ingredients in it.  Didn’t want to take a risk, especially with being on an airplane!)

And then!  Right next door to Boudin was this Chinese dim sum place.  Dim sum?!  At an airport?!  I was super delighted to see that they had my favorite little egg tarts too.  Wow!  So I picked up an order of the egg tarts and one of the shrimp dumplings although not realizing that she would give me 3 pieces of each (it was hectic, the line was really long, and I don’t think I could’ve argued “I only want one of each” to the poor girl running the place by herself).

It certainly wasn’t the cheapest dim sum I’ve ever had, let’s just say that.  But it was very good, especially for being sold in a fast-food-esque venue.  What did kind of stink about this layover was that it was crowded around our gate area so I couldn’t find a seat to divulge in my lunch, so I though I’d save it to eat on the plane.  Unfortunately, I flew on Alaska Air/Horizon and the plane was small and tight.  I barely had any elbow room so there was no way I could eat all this food in front of the other passengers in my row.  Boo.  At least it was only a 75 minute flight, but my tummy was growling.

I had to wait about an hour for mom’s flight to arrive at Sea-Tac and luckily I managed to find an empty table in their food court (see first photo of this post).  It was nice to sit by the window and watch planes take off and land.  I devoured the salad, shrimp dumplings, and managed to ration myself to only one of the egg custards.

On our way back towards California from Seattle, mom and I had an hour to kill before our flight so we had lunch at a place called Anthony’s.  She had a mahi mahi taco and said it was delicious.  I saw the cook actually grill the fish while I was waiting to pick up our order.  Talk about made to order and fresh!  Whaaat?!  Again, at an airport?!

I had the fish and chips only after conversing with the man at the register and being assured that they don’t use cornmeal for their batter.  They use a tempura batter.  Even better and yummy!  And then to top it all off, they use salmon!  Salmon!  At an airport!  Goodness, it took me a while to get off cloud nine for a while as we enjoyed our food.

On my way home from San Francisco to Boston (yes, forgot to mention the pick up by my stepdad in Oakland and the drive across the San Mateo bridge to SFO later that night) I had a red-eye flight and a layover in Philadelphia.  It was way too early in the morning to snap photos of their “mall” but again, another example of a nice airport.  I bet they’d have good steak and cheese sandwiches there.  Mmmm … now I’m making myself hungry …


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