yoki: renovated (medford)

One of our favorite sushi restaurants, Yoki Restaurant, in Medford, MA has renovated!  I’m not sure what was next to them before, but they gained this huge bar space and a lot of additional booth seating.  We stopped by to check out the new digs and to enjoy some delicious sushi rolls.

This photo is looking into the old side of the restaurant, towards the sushi bar and kitchen.  Can you see those large sticks along that back wall?  That’s where the bar used to be.  So it looks like they knocked down the wall that would’ve normally been right here.

This is the row of new booths running between the new bar and the old side (we actually sat in this first one right here).  Beyond the booths is a wall of high tables and seating for parties of two.  It’s a really nice expansion and a great sign of success for the restaurant.  By the time we left the place was packed which was pretty impressive for a weeknight!

Now on to the important part – the food!  LOL  We tried something new off their menu and shared the Yaki-Ika grilled squid appetizer.  It was really good with a delicious charred flavor.  I was surprised to see how large the squid was too.  It went down nicely with bowls of miso soup.

My husband went with his usual order of the rainbow maki (California Maki with salmon, tuna, yellowtail and avocado on top) and I had my new favorite – the ninja maki.

It has shrimp tempura on the inside with eel and avocado on top, and it’s so good!  My husband isn’t crazy about eel so I don’t have to worry about sharing any of this one with him (lol).  Another nice visit to Yoki and we’re so happy for their expansion!


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