o sushi (cambridge)


O, sushi!  Yes, it certainly is my all-time favorite food.  I could never get tired of eating it and I’m so happy that my family enjoys it almost as much.  Yup, that includes our 3-year-old daughter who – during the day while at home bored and on the kitchen floor – decided to video call her daddy at work and begged to have sushi for dinner.  Luckily, he agreed.  And that’s when we decided to try out O Sushi in Harvard Square.

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mr sushi (arlington)


I love impromptu lunch dates.  I especially love impromptu lunch dates with a good friend and sushi.  Mr. Sushi is one of my favorite places in town to lunch because they have consistently good sushi and because they’re very kid friendly.  On this particular visit I got the tekkadon (tuna over sushi rice) dish and it was both beautiful and delicious.  Oh and who could resist taking a photo of those two adorable jumping bunnies!

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yoki: renovated (medford)

One of our favorite sushi restaurants, Yoki Restaurant, in Medford, MA has renovated!  I’m not sure what was next to them before, but they gained this huge bar space and a lot of additional booth seating.  We stopped by to check out the new digs and to enjoy some delicious sushi rolls.

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toraya (arlington)

the ika (squid) tempura appetizer

So to take the beat back up after last night’s post (a bit of a downer I know, I’m sorry!) let’s talk about good sushi.  (I should have also mentioned in last night’s post that I have not been able to hear very well out of my left year for the past two weeks now, and I’m also quite sick with some sort of bug and the worst migraines …)

I’ve been wanting to check out Toraya, a little Japanese restaurant on Mass Ave in Arlington, for a long while now.   When I say little, I mean little!  They have a few tables along one side of the restaurant and sushi bar seating, but no room for much else.  I had read online that one of the biggest complaints about this place was their lack of a waiting space.  But seriously?  If that is all you have to complain about then let’s go!

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a well-balanced meal

I know I haven’t posted anything about dining out lately so here goes … here’s an illustration of a well-balanced meal.  Seriously.  I think, if I were somehow tortured and absolutely forced to eat the same thing every single day, I would probably go with this. 

What is “this”?  This is what I had at Yoki a couple of weeks ago.  I know you’ve heard me tell you how much we love Yoki before, so when I wanted some delicious sushi it wasn’t too difficult to decide to on where to go.  This time I had their Midori maki roll which I think is going to be my new standard order.  It’s made with yellowtail, tuna, and salmon and topped with wasabi tobiko and scallions.  What I love about it is that it combines my three favorite fishes, the spiciness and crunchiness of the wasabi tobiko, and that it doesn’t have vegetables that I’m allergic to like avocado and carrots inside it.  Pure yumminess!  Oh and my usual negihama maki roll (yellowtail) on the side.

And to accompany it?  An order of their beef tataki appetizer.  I know it’s just sliced rare beef but it’s so good.  And yes, that’s a glass of red wine you see next to my plate.  It’s a nice glass of Cline zinfandel.  I’m one of those people who believes you should have whatever wine you are in the mood for with your food, and who cares if you’re having fish.  If it all tastes good together, that’s what’s most important.

Well-balanced?  You got your protein = beef.  You got your grain = rice.  You got your fish = lots of it.  You got your fruit = wine.  Looks well-balanced to me!

Okay, so now I’m craving sushi again …  :- \

spice & rice (cambridge)

What do you do when it’s 96 degrees outside and you didn’t bring a lunch to work? You order in! Yes, that’s right folks, me and a couple of coworkers were too chicken to face the heat and humidity by getting in our cars to seek out food this afternoon so instead we had some delivered from Spice & Rice in Cambridge (Inman Square).

It was funny because after I dropped my husband off at work this morning, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, I could really go for some sushi today,” but then I thought, “Gee, where can I drive to later on this afternoon to get some?” So then I kind of just let that thought pass through my head because I remembered it was going to be 1,000 degrees outside, and there aren’t that many places near our office building that I could just stop in for a take-out order. And then later this morning one of my coworkers stopped me in the hallway and asked if I knew of local restaurants that delivered because she, too, didn’t want to face the sun. Luckily, I convinced her to go with Spice & Rice so that I could [selfishly!] have some sushi. It was definitely worth the $2.00 delivery fee.

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sushi teq (boston)

This is a restaurant review that I’ve been meaning to post for a while now. We went to Sushi Teq back in March on one of those nights where we tried to get into another restaurant but the wait was over an hour and a half. Tony had heard good things about it from his coworkers at his old job, so we decided to check it out. It’s located in the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston and towards the back of the lobby. You can’t miss it: it’s the only place there with neon lighting and walls that change colors.

I couldn’t get over how cute the soy sauce bottle was. (Me = geek!)

They have a nice little bar area near the sushi chefs. The whole concept behind the restaurant is that it’s a “salsa bar featuring innovative and traditional sushi concepts paired with vintage agave driven tequila, margaritas, and specialty cocktails.” I do have to say that the salsa and merengue music they were playing was quite loud, but it did give the place a fun and energetic ambiance.

A funny before and after of the edamame appetizer. Tony had some miso soup (below) with his sushi rolls. A pretty big portion.

It’s kind of too bad that I waited this long to post this because I don’t think these drinks are listed on their current cocktail menu. All I can say that Tony’s drink had some sort of blackberry base and garnish. And probably tequila!

I remember having a lemon drop martini that night. It was so yummy!

And of course, I can’t remember which roll he ordered but I do remember him saying it was absolutely delicious. I think this is one that is soy wrapped on the outside.

I went with my usual sushi picks: Negihama maki (yellowtail and scallion rolls), Maguro (tuna), and Ikura (salmon roe).

I think overall it’s a cute place for sushi, especially if you’re on a date and in that part of town. The prices were surprisingly not as expensive as I had anticipated, especially since it’s located within that particular hotel. It has a fun atmosphere and the wait staff are super friendly. The funny thing is that they brought in a hamburger from the restaurant next door for one of the customers. I guess he didn’t care for sushi!

Sushi Teq
510 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA

samurai boston for sushi

We had dinner at Samurai Boston last night before heading over to see the Monterey Jazz Festival All-Stars show at the Berklee Performance Center. We scored a parking spot right on Boylston Street near the restaurant (thank you, parking angel!) which was awesome because I was stupidly without a winter hat and gloves that night. This was the third time I have been to the restaurant (read about our previous outing here) and I was really looking forward to the yummy sushi to be had.

We decided that this was our Valentine’s Day outing, so we splurged and got a little bottle of Sayuri Nigori sake ($17) to share. It is a cloudy, cold sake that is nice, sweet and refreshing. It’s also dangerously easy to finish the whole bottle in a short amount of time!

Then we shared an appetizer called Hamachi Kama Yaki ($10) which is lightly salted, grilled yellowtail collar served with a deliciously sweet ponzu sauce. It was so yummy!

The portion was much bigger than I had anticipated which is always a nice surprise. It seemed so simply cooked and seasoned but tasted amazingly good. We both really like yellowtail as sushi, so having it cooked was a nice way of enjoying it too. I have to admit, I was sucking the last bits of fish off each of the bones, it was that good!

Tony had the rainbow roll ($13) and the negihama maki rolls ($5.50), which were very good.

I decided to get the chirashi ($19) bowl of rice with sashimi on top, one of my favorite things to get when we splurge on sushi. I love the sweetness of the sushi rice at the bottom of the bowl and the freshness of the fish on top. They also put a little mound of ikura (salmon roe) on top which doesn’t always happen when I order the dish elsewhere, so I was super psyched.

It was delicious and as always, quite filling, but I have to say that I don’t care for imitation crab meat. (What is imitation crab meat anyway, dare I ask?!) The best part was that I had Tony eat a piece of eel (unagi) and he liked it — of course, he didn’t know what it was until I told him afterwards!

We ended dinner quite full and content, although they were out of the green tea mochi dessert so were a little disappointed (probably better for our cholesterol levels though). I like this restaurant because they serve consistently good sushi, the atmosphere is fun, and the people that work there are so nice. It might not be a place to go to for sushi everyday, but for special occasions and special guests I think it’s well worth it.

samurai boston

We had dinner at Samurai Boston last night, and this was the second time I had been to the restaurant. It’s a Japanese and Korean restaurant on Boylston Street that has a lot of great dishes and excellent sushi. It’s a lot bigger than I thought with a private little room in the back of the restaurant, and it has nice decor. The sushi bar area is nice and bright, while the wooden bench seats have cute little butt pads to sit on.

The section we sat in wasn’t full when we first walked in a little after 7:30 pm, but by the time I went to and from the bathroom it was completely full. It was great to see that the place was constantly busy – definitely a sign that other people liked the food too. It has a great atmosphere but can get pretty loud, but I guess that all depends on the people sitting nearby too. (Yes, we were quite happy when the table of young kids talking obnoxiously loud finally left – LOL – we’re getting old!)

We shared an order of the shrimp shumai (steamed, $5.95) and the fried soft-shell crab ($8.95). Both were delicious, although we were laughing at how you only got 3 pieces of the shumai. The crab dish made up for it in portion though because they gave us so many pieces on the little plate. It was so yummy and had such a rich flavor. It was served on top of a light wasabi sauce and had a little pico de gallo on the side which, for an Asian restaurant did seem a little strange.

Actually, I really liked the fried crab, I have to admit it. It was so nice and flavorful, especially the crunchy batter on the outside. Mmmmm. What was even more surprising was that Tony liked it and had a nice portion of it even though he usually won’t eat soft-shell crab because (as he states it) a) you’re killing a little crab and b) the shell is still on there. Needless to say, we handed back empty plates.

And then we both had sushi. Tony had the White Dragon (I think?) roll ($12.95) which had spicy yellowtail on the inside of the roll with some avocado, and white tuna wrapped on the outside. I had my usual Negihama maki (yellowtail with green scallions, $4.95) and maguro maki (tuna, $4.50). Both were delicious and devoured alongside the fried crab. All were washed down with a nice hot cup of green tea.

This is definitely a great spot to get some really delicious sushi and other Japanese and Korean fare. There were two Korean girls sitting next to us and they got the kimchi soup that my mom and sister love to eat. I loved how the smell from their dishes wafted towards us and I could kind of taste the spiciness. Yum. Definitely somewhere I’d like to take my mom to the next time she’s in Boston. 🙂

snappy sushi in davis square

Gosh, I totally forgot to post about this sushi restaurant that we went to over a month ago. We noticed it one night while we were out and about in Davis Square and decided to try it out after work. It’s called Snappy Sushi and it’s on Highland Avenue (they also have a location on Newbury Street). It’s cute and really small with stylish decor and nice lighting. I think there are only 6 chairs at the sushi bar so if you can’t score one of those, then you have to sit at the larger communal table in the middle of the restaurant. We were able to sit at the sushi bar but next to the cash register so it was a little hectic there, especially with the number of calls they were receiving for take out.

The thing that is really different about this place is that they use brown rice in their sushi. It was a little sweeter in taste and it was good, although I’m not sure I was very crazy about it.

Tony had the spicy crispy scallop roll which had scallop, avocado, cucumber, green leaf, tempura bits, flying fish roe with spicy mayo and a spicy yellowtail inside-out roll.

I had some sushi from the a la carte menu – a yellowtail (Hamachi) roll, a salmon (Sake) roll, salmon roe (Ikura) nigiri sushi, and tuna (Maguro) nigiri sushi.

Again, I don’t think either of us were crazy about the sushi or the restaurant so we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to eat there again. But if you’re in the Davis Square area and want to try a little twist to sushi (the brown rice), it’s worth stopping in.