snappy sushi in davis square

Gosh, I totally forgot to post about this sushi restaurant that we went to over a month ago. We noticed it one night while we were out and about in Davis Square and decided to try it out after work. It’s called Snappy Sushi and it’s on Highland Avenue (they also have a location on Newbury Street). It’s cute and really small with stylish decor and nice lighting. I think there are only 6 chairs at the sushi bar so if you can’t score one of those, then you have to sit at the larger communal table in the middle of the restaurant. We were able to sit at the sushi bar but next to the cash register so it was a little hectic there, especially with the number of calls they were receiving for take out.

The thing that is really different about this place is that they use brown rice in their sushi. It was a little sweeter in taste and it was good, although I’m not sure I was very crazy about it.

Tony had the spicy crispy scallop roll which had scallop, avocado, cucumber, green leaf, tempura bits, flying fish roe with spicy mayo and a spicy yellowtail inside-out roll.

I had some sushi from the a la carte menu – a yellowtail (Hamachi) roll, a salmon (Sake) roll, salmon roe (Ikura) nigiri sushi, and tuna (Maguro) nigiri sushi.

Again, I don’t think either of us were crazy about the sushi or the restaurant so we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to eat there again. But if you’re in the Davis Square area and want to try a little twist to sushi (the brown rice), it’s worth stopping in.


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