good airport food

the food court area at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, WA ... love the big wall of windows overlooking the runways

I’m obviously *not* referring to Boston’s Logan airport (sorry folks).  My last post relating to my recent Seattle trip is about how different other airports are (or can be) from what I’m used to in Boston.  I mean, just the architecture and traffic flow alone of Sea-Tac and SFO are so much nicer and welcoming.  And to top it off, the food options are so much better at these two airports.

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ivar’s (seattle, wa)

Another highlight from our Seattle trip was dinner at Ivar’s Acres of Clams on the waterfront.  As touristy or hokey as it seemed, we decided to try it out because our duck tour guide highly recommended it and they just recently celebrated their 100th anniversary, so they’ve got to be doing something right, right?

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the pink door (seattle, wa)

Last month, I flew out to Seattle, Washington and met my mom there for a “mom and me” weekend, and for some special one-on-one time together.  In my 32 years of being, I’ve never done anything like that with just me and her.  We’ve always had other people around like my sister (no offense, Linda!), and then more recently people like my husband, my stepdad, or my nephews with us whenever we go somewhere or whenever I go out to California to visit.  So I “borrowed” my friend’s idea of going on an annual vacation with just her mom and I’m so glad my mom was up for it too.

I know, you’re probably wondering, “Why Seattle in March?” knowing that it would be cloudy, overcast, and potentially rainy.  I looked into Sedona, Arizona at a spa resort but it was quite pricy.  We went to New York City last year for mother’s day weekend so that was ruled out.  We considered Las Vegas but both of us have been there so many times.  I didn’t really want her to fly all the way down to Florida.  And we didn’t have that much time to do something like the Caribbean or Cancun (although perhaps next year with enough advanced planning … hmmm …).  So she picked Seattle since she had never been there before and I like the city so much that I didn’t mind going back for a second visit (we went there for part of our honeymoon).

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