project life :: saving artwork


I used to be an avid paper scrapbooker.  Like I mean, I used to fill albums with 12″x12″ pages full of photos, journaling, and the latest and greatest embellishments.  Of course, this was before I had a child and it seemed like there was more time in a day!  But now that I have a little human that I want to preserve memories for, I’ve slowly tried to get back into scrapbooking by way of Project Life.  I tried doing it by combining some paper elements with digital elements (because all of my photos are digital files now) but even that got to be a little time consuming for me when she was very little.  Then one day, Becky Higgins and her crew at Project Life decided to create an app that was Android friendly, and that has been a real lifesaver for me ever since!

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day and night


I took this last Friday right after getting in the car on our way to work because I love how intricate the icy snowflakes were on the window.


And then later that same day, I took this one of the beautiful sunset from the window in our lunchroom at work. A bunch of us were in there right around 4:45 pm just gawking at the beautiful colors.