happy hump day

You don’t remember that? Hump day? I.e. Wednesday? I can’t remember what Monday and Tuesday were (they were usually not very fun days anyway), but Wednesday was hump day because it’s the middle of the week and once you’re over the “hump”, then you can look forward to the weekend. (What kind of hump did you think I was talking about?) Or to if-you-wear-green-it-means-you’re-horny Thursday. Which, of course, was only second best to “Friday flip up day”. When, if you wore a skirt, the boys would try to flip it up. Thank goodness for skorts.

Anyway, I came across (and eventually my boyfriend did too shortly after I did) something rather interesting on the walk home from the train station.

Yes. That is what it looks like. A bra.

What the … ??!

Maybe someone else took “hump day” literally?! (Okay, bad joke.) Anywho, not your typical commute home type of siting. And funny enough, I had my big camera with me so it probably looked like I was a pervert while taking this photo to the traffic passing by. Not to mention that it’s below freezing outside, so this would bring a whole new meaning to that saying that’s it’s “colder than a witch’s ___” (fill in the blank)!

On a more serious side, I wanted to say thanks to everyone that took the time to email me about or leave comments on some of the layouts mentioned in the previous post. Thank you for the support!

Spark is celebrating their one year anniversary tomorrow night by throwing a big party at the studio from 6 to 9 pm! Everyone is welcome to stop by for pink & green drinks (those are our colors) and some snacks, so bring a friend! One of the co-owners warned us that there will be a photographer there and that we should wear makeup. Ick. I don’t wear makeup! Oh well. Suck it up for this one moment.

We watched “Finding Neverland” last night. Wow. Great movie! We both love Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet so seeing them together was awesome. That little boy that plays Peter (Freddie Highmore) is just an astonishing little actor, too! He is so cute and so serious at the same time – I can totally see why Johnny (listen to me, calling him by his first name as if I knew him, ha!) wanted him to be in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tear jerker, but wonderfully made movie.

And here’s wishing my boyfriend’s grandmother a very happy 85th birthday tomorrow!


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