how it should be

I was walking past my friend’s desk at work yesterday morning and noticed something. It was her breakfast. It was the way a bagel with cream cheese and lox should be: actual slices of smoked salmon, thinly sliced tomatoes, shaved red onion, and pieces of chive on top.

Perhaps I am a food snob, but this seriously is how all bagels with lox should be served! Alas, I’m not one to turn away the kind where bits of salmon are mixed into the cream cheese. But hey, this is the real deal.

Anyway, I made a bee-line to Sebastian’s after getting off the train this morning and grabbed a nice, big cup of coffee and one of these yummy concoctions. Oh and a bottle of Izze. (Can’t forget the Izze!) I got to my desk and unwrapped it. Sprinkled on the necessary condiment (black pepper – my boyfriend will attest to the fact that I put it on everything).

That first bite was so heavenly. Yum!

So let that be a lesson in how a bagel with lox should be made. Oh and the bottles of Izze? That’s proof of how much I like this stuff. Seriously! I collect the bottles and the bottle caps. Yes, my coworkers know this about me. Hey, it’s THAT good!

On a slightly different note … I took a few photos at the Spark anniversary party last night but since there was a real photographer there, I didn’t get any after people started showing up. Ha. It was a fun time and the store was PACKED! The cake they got was so yummy and Rosie’s did a great job with the logo on top. My friend Sara dropped by and made a Valentine card for her honey at the card station that my friend Renee put together. Happy first anniversary, Spark!

Have a great weekend everybody!


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