4th of july

This year’s Boston Pops fireworks show was not done like usual. Basically, there was two hours of silly singing and on-stage performances followed by a 20 second mini fireworks show. (I can’t imagine if you were sitting out there on the Charles River – i.e. not in front of a TV – and thought that that was all the fireworks you were going to see. I would’ve felt ripped off!) Then finally they turned it over to national coverage and had Dr. Phil of all people host the show with Steve Tyler and Joe Perry singing Aerosmith songs.

What has this country come to?

Anywho – for those of us yelling at the TV, “People have to go to work tomorrow – hurry up and show the fireworks for Pete’s sake!” – they finally started around 10:45. We were really lucky to get a pretty good view of them near the Prudential building from our porch, so I set up the tripod and shot away.

99 pictures later, here are 5 that turned out to be decent.

(God, I love my camera!)

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!


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