mark your calendars!

Oh me oh my, is it August already?! My my, how time just flies! Well our trip out to Mackinac Island, Michigan for Maryea and Tim’s wedding was a fun adventure. I went to the butterfly museum on the island with Mary one day and we saw some of the most beautiful butterflies. This one was my fave. It’s amazing what nature can produce.

And before I forget, I just want to say hello to those of you out there in the big, wide world that visit my blog! Yes, I have a counter/tracker on this site and I can see that someone in Wisconsin visits nearly every day and a couple of spectators out in Japan and France! I’m sorry for the lack of posts these days, but welcome nonetheless! And hey! Post a comment or two and say hello!

Lastly, just want to put the bug in your ear that I’ll be participating in the South End Open Market on Sunday, August 20th. So please stop on by and check out booths of local, talented artists and say hello! It’s kind of a first come, first booth deal so I’m not sure exactly where I’ll be. But look for a really short Asian girl with a bunch of greeting cards and you’re more than likely going to spot me! I’ll be selling cards, journals, and the like with my friend Stephanie of 2nd Bedroom Studio. I’ll also be selling some cards designed by Renee of Ne Pie Paper, so stop by and check it out! It’s from 10 am to 4 pm.

Hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “mark your calendars!

  1. Hi Candice,This is Kyoko. I have taken your class at Spark Craft Studio. It is nice to see that you are expanding your activities. I have been South End Market and it is pretty interesting. Please tell us your experience in your next blog :)Regards.

  2. Howdy, friend! LOVE that butterfly pic… did I ever tell you that I think your photography rocks? 😉 And, BTW… I sooooooooooooooo missed you in Vegas. But, Shannon and I went to the M&M Store anyways! heehee

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