double dose of love

Spent some time with my two nephews last week while on vacation and had a double dose of fun, love, and good times with the little tikes. They’re getting so big!

We enjoyed time in the pool, face painting, carousel rides – even Chuck E. Cheese! Not to mention wrestling and head-butts from the little guy. I wish we lived closer so I could see them more often and watch them grow, but that’s why I cherish all the time I can see them.

Actually, I’m quite pathetic. And emotional. I cried on the plane before taking off because it is always so hard to say goodbye to them. I mean, it takes a day or two for them to really get used to me being around, and then I have to leave a couple of days later, just when things get good and cozy. If I won a huge jackpot sometime soon, I’d definitely get us a house near the boys so that I could see them more often. Where’s that jackpot-winning-fairy when you need her, eh??

Anyway – on to reality – I should really be working my butt off making cards and things for the upcoming South End Open Market event on August 20th (which I found this super cute picture of by the way). Sadly, I’m sitting on my butt in front of the computer instead. Sigh.


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