miracle of science

Despite the heat and humidity, Tony and I walked from Kendall Square T station to the Miracle of Science Bar + Grill before going to see “The Visitor“. The restaurant is owned by the same people that own Cambridge 1 (our fave pizza place) so we thought that they’d have pretty good burgers. But boy, that was one long walk. In the heat. Yuck.

It’s a very casual place near MIT off Mass Ave. where you seat yourself and there is no menu handed out. All they do are burgers, skewers, and quesadillas and it’s a one-man-show at the small grill next to the bar. It was rather hot when we arrived but of course, we had to keep in mind that we had just walked almost a mile (it felt like that long!) to get there. Luckily we found a table (right under the menu if you go to their site) and eventually cooled off by guzzling a glass of iced water.

Tony had beer and I had wine but I could only choose either red or white (read: not a very expansive wine menu – ha!). He had the chicken sandwich which came with an habanero and mango mustard sauce, and I got the cheeseburger with blue cheese. We both really enjoyed them plus the large grilled potato chunks that they came with. Would definitely go back there when it’s not so fricken humid outside. Sheesh.


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