four burgers

Renee, Tony, and I tried out this fairly new place in Central Square called Four Burgers on Saturday night. Basically, all they serve are all natural beef, turkey, vegetarian, and salmon burgers. Lucky for us they also serve beer and wine. šŸ™‚

First of all, it’s in Central Square, so you know it isn’t in the most refined area of Cambridge. The burgers were kind of pricy ($7 each) but we all agreed that they were really tasty. I opted for the waffle fries that come with each burger, while Renee chose the sweet potato fries option and Tony went with the french fries option. What was kind of funny is that my waffle fries looked like potato chips (kind of like the Ruffles cut but criss-crossed), and they charged an extra $1 for Tony’s french fries. Anyway, details details.

All three of us got the beef burgers because let’s face it, we were starving carnivores. The wine was good although they gave me a glass of pinot grigio when I asked for pinot noir. All in all though, we had a good time and would probably go back there again if we were ever in Central Square looking for a burger alternative to the Wendy’s down the street.


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