feelin’ crafty

What do you buy a young lady who is turning 7? (Note: I’m posting this now that I know Rachel has seen my blog on her birthday and I’m assuming that she won’t see it again before tomorrow when we give her her birthday gift. Crossing my fingers here, peeps.) I guess the better question that I always struggle with when it comes to kids’ birthday gifts is what should we give to them that is not a toy or clothes? I like to aim for useful things, or things that are functional yet fun.

I bought Rachel a bunch of stickers while I was at a store one day, so I came up with the idea of making her this sticker book so that she’d actually have some place to stick them to. You know, some place other than on our body parts, the refrigerator, or in a random coloring book. I used an 8″ circle chipboard album (by 7 Gypsies I think) that I picked up at Right at Home Scrapbooking a while ago, then covered each side with colorful paper. It came on the silver ring so I tied some pretty ribbon on it and added some shiny rhinestone stickers. Voila! A sticker book hopefully worthy of stickers.

Also in prep for our trip out to Williamstown for the weekend, I decided to stick with the brown paper that the framed photo we were giving to Tony’s parents came in instead of fishing around for something else to use. So I whipped out my Fontwerks clear “George Outline” stamps and stamped directly onto the package. I like how it turned out – very simple, plain, and to the point.

And lastly, I had put together a baby card for our friends Jen and Brian before I went to meet their new addition, Adam, last week. I really like how the design turned out so I made a more generic version (the one I gave them had an “a” on it) using an “It’s a boy” stamp.

The cover reveals the top half of the inside of the card.


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