labor day weekend

We drove up to Williamstown on Saturday morning and then took Tony’s parents to the Garlic Festival in Bennington, Vermont in the afternoon. Although I grew up in the Bay Area in California, I never went to places like Gilroy, host of the Gilroy Garlic Festival – one of the largest food festivals in the U.S. It was a bigger to-do than any of us thought it would be, full of vendors selling different types of food, produce, and craft products. None of us were brave enough to try the garlic ice cream (thank goodness), but we did enjoy two huge plates of freshly fried potato chips from Grandpa’s Spuds.

We bought a 1/2 pound bag of Marino garlic from a local farm and I ended up roasting it the next day. My favorite shot was of this little girl trying to stick an “eat more kale” sticker onto her belly.

We woke up on Sunday morning and saw about 17 wild turkeys in their backyard. It looked like there were three adults and the rest were like little kids. I went outside to try and feed them some bread, but of course they took off at the first sight of me. Oh well.

Tony’s brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew drove up from Pennsylvania to join us for the weekend. The Flaherty’s came up to the house for a little get together on Sunday night so there were burgers on the grill, some bocce ball in the lawn, and lots of laughs. Such a nice way to spend a summer evening.

Lynn made this beautiful dessert tray. The cake in the middle had a raspberry filling, and the little cupcakes had a lemon curd filling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try any of it but it looked absolutely delicious!

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend! I’m starting my new job at the Harvard Art Museum tomorrow. So excited to start this new adventure!


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