design hive wrap up

Today was a pretty good day at the Design Hive. Okay, let’s be honest folks. It was a rather slow day in terms of foot traffic, and that’s probably because most of you are out of town and/or were in line at the mall cashing in on holiday deals. A special thanks goes out to Amy, Kathy, Erin, Drew, Jill, Elissa, Pete, Jane, Emily, Lynn and Hetchen for coming out to see me today. Thanks so much for your support everyone! And most importantly, the biggest thank you goes out to my awesome husband for having the patience to help me tow everything there, set up my table, bring me lunch, and tow my ass home afterwards. I couldn’t do anything without you!

I did a slightly different set up for my table today and went without Renee’s nifty bookshelves. Instead, I offloaded stuff in our bathroom closet and in my craft room to free up two expandable shelves and used them to create another level on the table for my cards. I think I liked this set up better because I could still be seen above them whenever I stood up. LOL To my left was Vonica Designs with her cute little coin purses, eye glass holders, makeup bags, and totes. To my right was Grace Napoleon with her unique, recycled garments and accessories. Across from me was my friend, Andrea of Alessandra Designs, and her beautiful pieces (I just love how she uses branches for her displays). And then to her right, I met Janice of Jandue Designs, who was there for her very first show.

I bought a pair of earrings from Lisa of Apples & Oranges, but I can’t show a photo of them here because they are a Christmas gift! I also bought a screenprint t-shirt from Dave of Viva Ortegacy, but again, another gift!

I’ll be back at the Design Hive on December 20th with [hopefully!] a load of new designs with a love theme in time for you early bird Valentine-givers (that’s a phrase I just made up, thank you very much – hee). All of my Christmas/winter holiday themed cards will be buy one get one free that day so please stop by and help me deplete my stash!

Tomorrow: the Nutcracker.


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