viva ortegacy @ grand

I bought a t-shirt from Dave of Viva Ortegacy at the Design Hive last weekend, and he told me about their “Boston Tee Party” at the Grand store in Union Square, so Tony and I decided to check it out. Dave’s friends did an awesome job of putting together appetizers and beautiful chocolate truffles for the event (course, the event was about a t-shirt design and here I am ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the food!) … we were heading to dinner at the Independent so we refrained from trying the yummy-looking skewers, but we pocketed (read: put in my purse) a couple of the earl grey tea infused dark chocolate bars and the jasmine infused truffles. Absolutely delicious and so professional looking!

Oh and yeah, sorry, the whole reason for the post: the t-shirt design! Doh!

The design features six skulls outlined in orange, yellow, and green. I bought one in brown for Tony to wear at one of his gigs. Quite cool. Grand, the store itself, houses some really cool and unique home and gift items. If you’re ever in the Union Square area, check it out!


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