spring into style event

Elissa, Stephanie, and I attended the “Spring into Style” fashion show fundraising event at Vlora on Thursday night. None of us had ever been to the restaurant before and were all impressed by how nice it was. We had some wine at the bar before the fashion show and managed to flag down the passed hors d’oeuvres wait staff (ha ha). Each attendee received a gift bag (which also contained one of my greeting cards!) that included bottles of vitamin water, samples of hand cream, coupons to restaurants and stores at the Prudential Center, and more.

We all bought raffle tickets and entered them to win one of four prizes, and both Elissa and Stephanie were lucky enough to win! Elissa won the “Vogue Basket” which contained some pretty black and white office supplies (I think), a subscription to Vogue magazine, and beauty products from Allure. Stephanie won the “Women’s Accessory Extravaganza” basket which contained a cute green clutch purse, a snakeskin wallet, and Sake perfume.

The fashion show was really cute, especially because of the little kids that were modeling the clothing. You could tell the ones that were really shy and the ones that seemed like naturals on the cat walk. The adult models were Miss Massachusetts, Miss Massachusetts Teen, Miss Vermont, and Miss Connecticut Teen. We were impressed by the fact that they wore outfits that we could actually picture ourselves wearing for a special occasion, which is nice because it wasn’t too over the top.

We didn’t have the best view of the runway (as you can see in these pictures) and we were at the end facing the photographers, so you can only imagine how many photos there will be of the models and one of our faces in the background (lol). It was a fun time and I’d like to go back to the restaurant some time to check it out for dinner.


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