new flavor at christina’s

There’s a new ice cream flavor at Christina’s … can you tell which one by looking at this photo?

We walked over to Christina’s for an ice cream treat tonight after dinner. I love living in this part of Somerville and being able to do that once in a while: walk down the street to get some wine at the Wine and Cheese Cask; walk across the street from there to get some freshly baked bread at The Biscuit; walk nearby to get some locally grown produce and fresh cuts of meats at Savenor’s; walk to get some delicious homemade ice cream at Christina’s.

On the way there we ran into our downstairs neighbor. On the way back we saw one of Tony’s old friends from college through the glass of a grocery store, and then were stopped by a neighbor that lives down the street from us while she was on her way to get something to eat too.

It’s stuff like this that I’ll miss if we move away into a more suburban area, especially if it’ll make our lifestyle turn into being more dependent on driving to get some where. So for now, I think we’ll try to get out more on foot to enjoy more of Somerville and the neighborhood gems.

With that said, maybe one of these days we’ll actually stop and eat at Dali Restaurant. LOL Yeah, I know, we’ve lived here almost 10 years now and have never been inside that place.

And what flavors did we indulge in tonight? Tony got a scoop of coffee oreo on a cone. And I had a scoop of vanilla. Yes, just plain old yummy, never-fails-to-be-delicious vanilla. 🙂


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