15 movies

I posted this on Facebook but I thought it would be a good conversation starter on my blog.

15 movies that stay with you …

Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen movies you’ve seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

So here goes, in no particular order … a little commentary after each title (of course):

1. Roman Holiday – this was the very first Audrey Hepburn movie I ever saw and I instantly fell in love with her. She played such an innocent character in this movie, and the whole story line was like a little fairytale. I always wonder at the end what happens between the two of them … like, do they keep in touch? Do they just forget that the whole thing happened? Does she ditch the crown and go marry him?

2. Sense & Sensibility – I just love this story. And Emma Thompson. And Hugh Grant. And Hugh Grant in tight pants. 🙂 The love story between them throughout the movie moves me each time I watch it (yes, sometimes I do still cry!), and I think I’ve watched it over a hundred times.

3. Pride & Prejudice – of course, the loooooooong version with Colin Firth. In tight pants, too! Here’s a confession: I took an English class while at UMass Boston where we had to read something like five books within a month, then get tested on them by writing essays. One of them was Pride & Prejudice. So since I knew that the script for this movie was pretty much word for word by the book, I didn’t bother re-reading the book. I just watched the movie again and aced the test. LOL Anyway, this is the other DVD I watch when I don’t have Sense & Sensibility on auto-play.

4. Amelie – who doesn’t love Amelie?! Audrey Tautou is so stinking cute. Even if she is a little malicious in this movie (she means well!). Of course, one of the most intriguing parts/themes in the movie was the photo booth mystery. I think the album that Nino put together of all the scraps and waste is a brilliant idea. And the traveling gnome inspired me to kidnap one of my old coworker’s Mr. Potato Head doll/toy. Long story. Lots of photos.

5. The Green Mile – I think this was the first time I had seen Michael Clarke Duncan in a movie, and I was so moved by his performance. Tom Hanks was a great actor in this one too. It always makes me cry each time I see it, even though I know what’s going to happen.

6. The Matrix – this sticks in my memory because it’s the first movie Tony and I ever went to see together, but also because it’s just an incredible movie both with special effects and the whole concept of the story. It’s funny how we’ll sit and watch it again if it’s playing on TV (like we did this weekend) and how much more I understand the story each time.

7. Notting Hill – Yes, Hugh Grant again. Another one I can watch over and over again. I love how their relationship builds up, the setting, and the whole cast of charatcters just cracks me up.

8. Love Actually – holy crap! Hugh Grant again! (I must say, I do like him a lot. Even if he does dirty things off screen.) I have Jill to thank for introducing me to this movie. I like movies that have several story lines going on because it keeps in interesting. It’s got all the people I really like in one film – Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth – and the funniest mock-porn scenes.

9. The Butterfly Effect – wow, this was a pretty incredible movie. Amy Smart did such an amazing job in this movie playing various characters and roles. Kind of a scary movie, but very good too. Kind of gets that whole “what if?” dialogue going inside your head.

10. Mystic Pizza – my sister and I used to watch this movie over and over again when we were younger. Before we even understood the concept of dating. Before we even knew the difference between races (i.e. that Portugeuse people were different). And I think before we saw Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It’s funny now as an adult to watch the movie and realize how much adult content is in this film (sex, adultery, learning the definition of a nymphomaniac), yet it seems innocent enough for two little knuckleheads to be entertained.

11. Spanglish – I like this one for so many reasons. I love how Adam Sandler is a chef in it, it’s food parts, and especially Paz Vega. The way that she portrayed an immigrant struggling to learn the language and customs of Americans was brilliant. And you know that each time I watch it I still wish that she and Adam Sandler could’ve ended up together in the end!

12. The Sixth Sense – one word: creepy! But in a good way. I remember watching it for the first time and at the end when they reveal all the moments where he thinks he existed thinking that this was one of the most brilliant films ever. I still get goose bumps just thinking about some of the scenes!

13. Mad Hot Ballroom – now this was a very cool movie about school kids in NYC. They’re enrolled in a ballroom dancing class and then later in the movie, it shows them (from start to finish) in a city-wide ballroom dancing competition. It’s funny to watch them go from “girls suck” to being so enveloped in learning the dance moves and perfecting their steps at the end of the movie. A very uplifting and endearing movie.

14. The Visitor – we saw this at the Kendall Theatre last year and were totally thrown off by the subject matter because it wasn’t what we had expected at all. But it was good! And actually quite a sad movie in the end (sorry if I’m ruining it for everyone). I think Richard Jenkins did a great job in this flick as he transformed into someone that became warm and caring about the state of others. Quite a moving piece.

15. Seven Pounds – I watched this a few weeks ago when I had some nose surgery and Tony was sweet enough to rent all nine movies I gave him on a list to help me recover. Wow. It’s quite a disturbing movie but it all comes together quite interestingly in the end. Will Smith did an incredible acting job in this one as a man trying to cope from a traumatic accident that he feels he was at fault for. The way it ends is quite unexpected too.

How about you? What are 15 movies that stand out to you? Speaking of movies, we recently saw the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie. I have to say, it’s probably the best one out of the entire series. The special effects are amazing.

Two that I want to see: Julie & Julia and Alice in Wonderland. I never read the book that Julie & Julia is based off of, but come on, it’s about cooking! I definitely have to see it! And the cast alone of Alice in Wonderland is intriguing — Johnny Depp! Helena Bonham Carter! Alan Rickman! Anne Hathaway! It will be interesting to see this adaptation because it’s not going to be a retelling of the story, rather Alice at age 17 going back to Wonderland.

(Just by the sheer look on Johnny’s face you know this will be good!)


2 thoughts on “15 movies

  1. I've seen 6.5 of these (I saw a decent portion of P&P on TV one night).Sixth Sense was awesome. I hadn't heard about any "twist" beforehand, so I was completely stunned. (As I was for "The Village"… another one by M. Night Shamalamadingdong.)I liked the Matrix and Spanglish, too. And Notting Hill, surprisingly, since I'm not a huge fan of the "chick flick" genre.Butterfly Effect got critically panned, but I kind of liked it, too. (Thought I was the only one!) – Mr. Anonymous

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