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Does this ever happen to you? You know you should be working on one type of project but then the desire to work on something completely different starts to creep into your mind. That seems to be happening a lot to me lately which is quite frustrating. For instance, I know I should be making cards and coming up with ideas but I’d rather be knitting instead. Or then when I begin knitting, I start remembering that really cute little sewn placement set project that would just make the neatest Christmas present this year.

Well, thank goodness for my knitting group at work. At least twice a week for an hour at a time, I can sit and concentrate on completing a project. And have fun at the same time. I must say, our group has some of the funniest people I work with. It’s such a nice break in the day and they are quite an inspiring bunch.

Anywho, I decided to snap some pictures of things that some of us have been working on lately during today’s session. A few of us started on this sock pattern a few weeks ago. And here you can see Jessica’s completed pair which turned out so super cute.

She also made this really cute bathroom mat out of some cotton yarn in fun colors. It’s so sturdy and just the perfect size. We joke that her cats will love eating it.

We have a crocheter in our group, too. Jennifer has been making these adorable squares lately. It makes me want to learn how to crochet too. Oy, another hobby to add to my list!

And here’s a photo of the progress I’ve made on a pair of socks. As you can see, one is done! I have to say that it was much simpler than I thought it would be and I really like the yarn I used for this pair. I’m in the last stage of completing the toe so hopefully this pair will be completed this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend and yarn … it’s going to be a three-day weekend for us in the Berkshires. Hallelujah! On our way back, we’re planning on stopping in Northampton so I’m totally excited about going to Webs for the very first time. I hear that I’ll need at least an hour in there to myself (note to husband: must find you something to do for an hour without me in Northampton) and that there’s a whole wearhouse section in the back. Oh dearie. Sounds quite dangerous to me.

Back to crafting …


1 thought on “knitting group

  1. A knitting group at work sounds like a good stress reliever. Cute socks! Thanks for the WEBS mention; I have visited NoHo several times and while I enjoy going to a small LYS there, I didn't know about Webs. Will check it out next time.

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