kickass contest

Reenactment of a scene that took place in our living room tonight around 9:30 pm:

Me: Do you remember how I told you about Kickass Cupcake’s contest a few weeks ago? You know, how they were looking for a new cupcake to feature on their menu?

Me (again): Remember?!

Husband: Oh yeah, I kind of remember …

Me (dancing in my long underwear bottoms and in a t-shirt covered in flour and pumpkin whoopie pie batter): Well, guess what?! I WON!

Husband (calmly): You won?

Me (dancing even more): Yes, I fricken won!!

Husband (slightly more excited): What does that mean?

Me (uncontrollably doing some sort of jig in my long johns): Cupcakes for a year!!

Husband: What?! Holy crap! That’s awesome! What is the cupcake they picked?

Me (now running back to the computer): I don’t know … I read the message too quickly!!

So ladies and gentlemen! Kickass Cupcakes (in Davis Square) will now be selling the “Somerville Sensation” cupcake on their menu in the near future! The idea I proposed was an espresso/coffee cupcake base, topped with Fluff whipped with Nutella as a frosting, and then a few Taza Chocolate Covered Nibs on top as a garnish. I can’t wait to see what it will look like as a cupcake creation! šŸ™‚

(still doing a jig in my longjohns …)


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