it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

… especially on my desk at work!

I picked up this cute little mouse at Crate & Barrel a couple of weeks ago because I just couldn’t resist. Isn’t he cute? He has brothers made out of the same material in other colors too, but I thought this brown was a perfect shade. Anyway, he’s standing next to this cute little coffee mug that someone at work brought back for me from his trip to Chicago (during a two-hour flight delay).

And this morning my coworker, the ever-so-talented Karoline, walked in and presented me with one of her adorable hand glove creations:

Isn’t he adorable??! (Yes, we’ve been telling her for a long time that she needs to sell these on Etsy …) I don’t know why I assume it’s a he. It just looks like a he to me. He’s very cute, that’s for sure. I should take a picture of his tail for you, but that might be border-line glove rabbit x-ratedness.

Okay, going from one extreme to another … going from something cute to something, um, let’s just say interesting.

Yes. That is an inflatable fruitcake. And as it says on the website where you can order it, “It’s festive, it’s traditional and it’s inedible – just like the real thing.” Ha! I’ve never been a fan of fruitcake myself (although my mother and sister both love it) so I didn’t mind putting up this vinyl version for decoration on my desk. (And no, I didn’t purchase this!)

Of course, the candy bowl had to be updated to represent the holiday season. I tried to be a little more PC with this so I did half red and green, and half white and blue. I think it turned out pretty good actually.

And last but not least, the same person who bought me the candy cane striped coffee mug a week ago left these two CDs of holiday tunes for me. The first one, as you can see, is the A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. The second one’s title cracks me up … Holiday Lounge: The Christmas Mixes … I can’t wait to see what’s on that one.

Christmastime is definitely in the air here! Now on to completing some shopping


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