it’s a small, small world …

I received an email this evening that totally reminded me how it really is a small, small world that we live in. You can click on the photo to enlarge it and read the email, but to sum it up: a couple of years ago, a fire broke out in the red line T station in Downtown Boston. Tony and everyone else in the Park Street area had to evacuate and then try to get home via buses, cabs, etc. but you can only imagine how crowded it was since it was right after work. He ended up calling me to pick him up and when I got to wherever it was we met, a woman was with him* woman asked for help and he asked me if we could drop her off somewhere in Harvard Square since we were heading that way home. Of course, it was cold outside (I think) and she seemed really nice so we didn’t think twice and she hopped into our car.

Fast forward a couple of years and to the fact that we ran into each other a little while ago at one of the Design Hive craft shows. And now to this email.

I can’t get over how cool this is!!

It just goes to prove that a) you should always be nice to people because you never know if and when your paths might cross again. And b) everything happens for a reason.

So fricken cool.

Okay, I just had to share this with all of you in hopes that I am not the only geek that thought this was pretty neat. 🙂

(* ETA: sorry, did not mean to make him sound like Tiger Woods! LOL)


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