brioche for breakfast

One of the best things I always look forward to on weekends: sleeping in on Sunday. On this particular Sunday, I was waken around 11 am (hey, I went to bed around 1:30 am, so …) when my husband decided to roll out of bed. I asked for thirty more minutes because I had just been dreaming about eating tomatoes and fresh mozzarella (pathetic, I know) and the bed was oh so warm and cozy. And it was Sunday.

About ten minutes pass when I hear the sound of the kettle whistling. The sounds of my wonderful husband making French pressed coffee. My foot sneaks out from beneath the comforters (yes, more than one … I freeze at night). Brrr, it’s warmer in the bed.

“Wake up, wake up …” I hear as he comes back to check on me. It hasn’t been thirty minutes yet. But the thought of fresh coffee. Oh, I’m so torn. Warm bed or coffee?

Suddenly I remembered that I bought a loaf of brioche from Sherman Market the day before. Sleepily, and with my head barely peeking out from beneath the covers, I tell him, “You can slice the brioche and put it in the toaster, then eat it with butter or jam.” Funny how clearly I can give directions when it comes to food even though I’m half asleep.

I think, “He’s going to wait for me to get up to make anything to eat, or he’ll just eat cereal.” Nice warm, comfy blankets.

Less then ten minutes later, a lovely smell wafts into the room. Mmmmm … the smell of toasted brioche! I’m awake, I’m awake!

They sell the brioche as a full loaf for $9, or in thirds for $3. I bought one for us and one for my friend Laura because we have this common obsession affection for brioche. Sherman Market only receives it on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays so if you want one be sure to stop by during the weekend and early because they always sell out! I certainly plan on going back to get some pretty frequently.

Especially if they make Sundays that much more wonderful. And delicious. 🙂


1 thought on “brioche for breakfast

  1. Awesome. Nothing beats Sunday morning. (Except maybe Saturday morning???) Waking up late, knowing that a peaceful breakfast (cereal? pancakes?) and the Sunday paper await me… it's the little things that count. – Anonymous

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