fan of lamb

I convinced my husband, my boss (Elissa), and my boss’s boyfriend (Pete) to attend the lamb event at Central Bottle on 2/23. I think it took all of four words to convince them to go: lamb, wine, beer, free. 🙂

It was a lot of fun! Chef Jorge Lopes of The Blue Room served some really tasty lamb appetizers. Tony and Elissa were too chicken to try the tongue dish, but Pete and I actually really enjoyed it. As long as I didn’t think about what I was eating, I didn’t mind it so much. I think everyone’s favorite was the loin that was served with a delicious olive sauce.

It got pretty crowded halfway through the event but there was plenty of food to go around. They served three different red wines to try with the food, plus two different kinds of beer.

Elissa and Pete got some bruschetta, too. We both bought a bottle of wine to take home and the lady at the register gave each of us an apron to take home in a reusable shopping bag. The aprons said, “I love lamb” and the bag had funny sayings all over it like, “I love ewe”, “fan of lamb”, and “nice chops”. We also got to take home a book of lamb recipes and some stickers. Pretty cool! I would definitely attend another event there in the future. The staff are super friendly and helpful when it comes to selecting wine, too. The store has such a great ambiance.


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