sportello (boston)

There are very few things that are better than the combination of beautiful summer weather (think 82 degrees), delicious food, and good company.  I was lucky to have all three today in a lunch outing to Sportello with three lovely coworkers on the last day of Boston’s restaurant week.  One of them, Tara, has a husband (Greg) who just recently got a job there so it was a great reason to escape the office to dine at one of my favorite restaurants.

The appetizer I picked was the warm veal tongue which was served with an artichoke mostardo  and arugula.  I know, you’re probably squirming in your chair thinking, “veal tongue? tongue?!”  But I tell you, it was delicious!  I tried lamb tongue once and really liked it, so I thought what the heck.  And I’m glad I tried the veal tongue because even though the texture was different (chewier than most meat) the flavor and taste was so good, and it paired very well with the artichoke mostardo (especially with the little chunks of marinated artichokes).

For an entree I picked the salmon which was served over local beans and in a pistou.  I love how the skin was extremely crispy and seasoned perfectly.  The salmon was so moist and paired well with texture and slight crunch of the beans.  The pistou was so tasty (think pesto minus the parmesan) that even though I was pretty full from clearing my plate (no shame there, just point at my belly, right?) I tore a piece of bread and scooped some of it up.  And wait, we have yet to get dessert?!  Normally during restaurant week I have been one of those people guilty of complaining about restaurants doling out smaller portions, but there was no complaint today.  One coworker had the lamb panino and ended up taking one whole half home because it was just a lot of food for one sitting (this is a good thing folks!).

So dessert.  Yes, dessert.  Wow, what a dessert!  The blueberry ricotta cheesecake was stunning in presentation, first of all.  And it was delicious.

There really was nothing that wasn’t superb at lunch today, including the whipped ricotta and fig jam spread they give you with the bread when you sit down.  It was pretty packed in there so it was a good thing we made a reservation ahead of time.  We had a table next to the window overlooking Congress Street and it was right next to the bakery section, so two people from our party had to walk behind the bakery to get to their seats.  We joked around about how they should’ve snagged some of the pastries on their way over, but alas, would hate to get Greg in trouble.  🙂

Again, I realize that today is the last day during Boston’s restaurant week but you should use any reason — an out-of-town visitor, a date night out, an excuse to spend time with good company — to head over to Sportello.  I’ve never been disappointed by anything here and I like how they change their menu according to the seasons because they come up with delicious new dishes to offer.

348 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210


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