restaurant week boston 2010: rocca

So I am seriously behind in posting about a lot of things that I have on a list, therefore this is going to be rather brief! Colorful because of the photos, but brief! LOL

I went to Rocca in Boston with four friends last night for Restaurant Week and we had a great time. The food was good, the atmosphere was great, and a fun time was had by all. Here’s a run down of the dishes at our table that night:

The grilled shrimp appetizer with celery root, fennel, blood orange & parsley salad in a blood orange vinaigrette

The arugula & endive Salad with gorgonzola& pomegranate vinaigrette

Wild mushroom panzotti handmade pasta with parsley pesto & olive oil poached tomatoes

The grilled hanger steak entree with mashed potatoes, grilled endive (the salsa verde was omitted because of my food allergies)

The potato gnocchi with lobster, savoy cabbage & truffle vinaigrette

Salmon al Cartocchio baked in parchment with radishes, fennel, celery, carrots & cauliflower served with arugula butter & Meyer lemon

Rigatoni baked in a pot with braised veal, tomatoes & Parmigiano

The cappucino sorbet dessert

The Torta Santa Monica dessert: rich chocolate cake, layered with ganache, caramel & fleur de sel, served with vanilla gelato & almonds

My friend told me that Rocca has great outdoor seating during warmer weather, so I would love to take my husband there this summer. Would definitely recommend this place for a romantic outing, going out with a group of friends, and trying during restaurant week. Another bonus: they have their own parking lot!

500 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02118


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