restaurant week boston 2010: sibling rivalry

I had dinner at Sibling Rivalry with three of my friends last night (another Restaurant Week jaunt!) and it was awesome. I’ve been there a few times in the past and have never been disappointed, even if we’ve just stopped in for drinks at the bar. The restaurant itself boasts a warm feeling, and the food is quite delicious. I think the only thing I would hope they could improve on is their selection of wines by the glass, but the choices they give now are still nice.

Here’s a run down of the dishes we ordered:

This was the warm parmesan garlic flan appetizer dish with wild mushroom, garlic confit in lemon brown butter (sorry, the lighting was rather dim so this photo doesn’t do it any justice) which was to die for. I mean, I could see myself eating this every day, it was that good.

The steamed Prince Edward Island mussels in a spicy Thai ginger-coconut milk curry with cilantro and lime.

Local steamers served with a celery-lemon and herb broth with grilled bread and melted butter

Roasted baby rack of lamb with rosemary and roast pearl onions in a garlic confit-syrah sauce with Anna potatoes – these were cooked perfectly medium rare and as you can see below, were thoroughly devoured.

Seared jumbo Cape scallops with Anaheim chili relleno, black beans, tomatillo relish and salsa fresca

This was the carrot cake dessert …

… and this was the profiterole dessert (nuts omitted due to my food allergies).
So in digging up the info for each of these dishes I’ve realized that the dessert options listed on the Restaurant Week website were not the ones we were able to pick from, just an FYI in case you head over there (believe me, I would’ve totally gone for the chocolate bombe option if I could’ve!). Everything we had was excellent and I think I can safely say that on behalf of my friends seeing that we all returned empty plates. I would highly recommend Sibling Rivalry for a romantic outing, an outing with a small group of friends, and definitely for Restaurant Week because they offer a lot of different things to choose from (i.e. some places only give you two or three things to pick from under each category). And if you’re lucky, maybe Chef Bob will come out and say hello to your table, too! (P.S. He’s so cute!)
Sibling Rivalry
525 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116


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