amelia’s trattoria (cambridge)

I celebrated my birthday with three friends at Amelia’s Trattoria last Thursday. It was real sweet of them to let me pick a place, but that was also a difficult choice to make since there are so many places I like to eat at. I picked Amelia’s because we’ve been there before and it’s consistently good Italian food, and the restaurant is nice and cozy (not too big).

We shared this bottle of Gini chianti and it was delicious. It went perfectly well with our pasta dishes.

I ordered a Caesar salad for us to share. It’s a pretty good size on its own.

Laura and I both had the ravioli special of the day: a lemon ricotta ravioli served with pancetta, mushrooms, and spinach in a white wine sauce. I asked them to omit the tomatoes though. It was divine! And embarrassingly, I cleaned the whole plate!

Jess had the braised short rib bolognese which was made with fresh Fusilli and shaved Parmesan cheese. It was large enough that she had some leftover to take home.

Karoline had the house-made spaghetti in a plum tomato ragu and served with basil and shaved Parmesan cheese. She had enough to take home, too.

We shared a tiramisu dessert and it didn’t last on the plate for very long. πŸ™‚ Even miss Jess who insisted she was too full for a bite couldn’t resist.

I had a shot of espresso with dessert. So nice and rich, it helped wash down the dessert.

A glass of limoncello. That was quite yummy too.

Again, another wonderful meal at Amelia’s, and this time in very good company. πŸ™‚ It’s a great restaurant for small groups of people and especially for a romantic date. There’s a small bar, too, and locals aren’t shy about dining alone there. The waiter was very charming and accommodating with my food allergy concerns. Overall, a very pleasant experience.

Amelia’s Trattoria
111 Harvard Street
Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA


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