vertical spiral cake duel

[This is an overdue post.  The event took place on 12.15.10 but I forgot to blog about it back then!]

It was Candice vs. Jeff in the “vertical spiral cake duel”.

I challenged my coworker, Jeff, to a “vertical spiral cake” baking duel and these photos are from the day we presented our creations.  We were inspired by this recipe but we decided to put our own spin on it by doing different cake flavors and frosting.  He created a classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I created a coffee flavored cake with a Nutella and marshmallow fluff frosting.

The technique proved to be much more difficult for both of us than we had anticipated.  Since we ended up receiving the same amount of votes in the end, we’ve agreed to have a rematch in the spring with a twist where we both have to incorporate fruit into our creations.

3 layers vs. 6 layers achieved

To view more photos from this challenge, click here.


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