il casale (belmont)

We dined at Il Casale in early December, right after I completed the second day at the Snow Mall craft fair.  I know, another overdue post!

We took a chance and didn’t make a reservation ahead of time.  It was about 7 pm on Sunday night and we weren’t able to get a regular table, but there was plenty of seating at the bar which was fine for us because I think the Celtics were playing that night.  About half an hour later the bar filled up and there was a short line at the door, so we got in at a good time.

The menu at Il Casale is nice and simple – all on one page – yet there is something for everyone to enjoy.  We started out with some wine and the arancini appetizer ($6).  I had a glass of the ’06 Cannonau, Sella & Mosca [Sardinia, Italy] ($9) and Tony had a glass of the ’07 Aglianico del Vulture, Grifalco [Basilicata, Italy] ($11).  We both really liked our wine picks; he tends to go for darker reds where I like something in the middle, and these didn’t disappoint.

arancini appetizer

Tony had the radiotore with wild boar ragú which was made with aromatic spices, dry cherries, and ricotta salata ($23).  I’m glad I talked him out of doing something like plain spaghetti bolognese (which is his usual go-to Italian dish) because how often do you see boar ragu on a menu, right?

boar ragu entree

I went with the fettuccine al limone which was served in a Meyer lemon cream sauce with lemon aquavit and cracked black pepper ($20) which was nice and light but still filling.  I also ordered us a side of the funghi trifolati
(sautéed native wild mushrooms, $6) which was really good and a nice contrast to the citrusy pasta.

fettucine al limone

funghi trifolati (sautéed native wild mushrooms)

We were so full and part of the clean-plate-club (ha!), and did not save any room for dessert.  I would definitely like to take our parents back there sometime for a nice dinner outing, especially since it’s not too far from where we live.  We tried to take my in-laws there for Christmas Eve eve dinner but by the time I remembered to call for a reservation they were quite booked.  Would recommend this restaurant for a romantic date, or a fun double date too.  Just make sure you bring your appetite because they aren’t skimpy on the portions, and the food is satisfyingly rich.

view from the bar


Il Casale
50 Leonard Street
Belmont, MA


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