gather here stitch lounge (cambridge)

There’s a new yarn and sewing shop in town: Gather Here.  It’s located on Broadway Street in Cambridge and boy, is it full of cool stuff!  A few of my coworkers and I took a lunchtime jaunt over to check it out one afternoon and were just mesmerized by all of the gorgeous fabrics and yummy yarns they carry.  Unfortunately, it’s almost exactly the shop we would want to open ourselves some day so for now that dream of having a yarn shop in the Cambridge/Somerville area will have to be put back on hold.  Sigh.

[Before I go on to show you more photos and to point out things we drooled over, I wanted to mention that they are currently donating 25% of any purchase of Echino, Kokka, Kiyohara, and Heather Ross fabrics to the Red Cross to aid with the recent Japan disaster relief.]

looking to the left when you walk in towards the fabric area

In addition to carrying and selling oodles of fun fabrics, they offer sewing classes and you don’t even have to bring your own machine.  They also have felt in two different weights and in a ton of colors to choose from.

looking straight ahead after you walk into the store towards the yarn section

They had a good variety of yarn to choose from too: some in the more affordable end, and then some exquisitely handspun, more expensive skeins.  I love the mural on the back wall because it illustrates the different squares in the area and how they connect.  I am going to help a friend learn how to knit in the round and so we’ll both make a simple roll-brim baby hat so I can work alongside her.  We both bought a skein of the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino ($8) in a bright pink and a creamsicle orange color.  Will definitely post photos once they are done.

Lastly, they have a cute little mini kitchen (dare I say Ikea?) set up at the front of the shop, which is right next to this huge drawer cabinet full of fun buttons in many colors, shapes, and sizes.  If you’re in the area you should definitely stop by and check out this cute little shop.  I’m trying to figure out which bedrooms to make curtains for, so I’ll probably be back there soon hemming and hawing at all the pretty fabrics soon.

oodles of buttons!

Gather Here
370 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02155


3 thoughts on “gather here stitch lounge (cambridge)

  1. Thank you for such a lovely post about the shop! And for taking pictures, too. And the mini-kitchen is totally a cobbled together Ikea kitchen with vintage pieces thrown in to make it our own. It was the most affordable option since we had a very tight set-up budget!

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