garden at the cellar (cambridge) for lunch

It’s really strange because as many times as I’ve been to the Garden at the Cellar for lunch, I can’t find another blog post about it yet I swear I’ve blogged about eating there before.  Hmmm … well, I guess this is going to be my first blog posting about how much I like to go here for lunch outings.  On this particular occasion, I was excited to be taking my husband there for a lunch date.  Partially due to my food allergies and partially due to the fact that I love both of these dishes equally as much, I generally order either the mini burgers or the roasted mushroom grilled flatbread.

mmmmm ... beefy goodness!

And on this day, I had been craving the mini burgers ever since the day before knowing that we were going there for lunch the next day (is that pathetic or what?!).  I just think they are the perfect size and are so moist and flavorful with just the cheese, arugula, and a simple aioli.  They usually come with a cute little jar full of crispy potatoes (think cubed and not fried), but since I’m allergic to them (and my husband was already going to have a plate full of fries with his sandwich) I got a bowl of arugula salad instead, which makes it seem half-healthy of a lunch option (wink).

the falafel sandwich and mini burgers

My husband was brave and trusted my suggestion that he would like a falafel after I went on about how I loved to get them at the Falafel King in Pi Alley in Downtown Crossing back when we worked in the financial district.  Luckily I was right (again!) and he really enjoyed the sandwich which is served with a spicy yogurt, mint, parsley, and pickles.  The portions at Garden at the Cellar are not small (try ordering a bowl of the truffle fries sometime, you’ll see …) so we were both full afterward.

There’s generally only one waitress working during the lunch shift but you can usually get in and out within an hour despite the crowded dining area (you can sit at the bar and order food too).  Definitely one of my top three lunch outing options, and I’m still surprised I can’t find another post about it on this blog of mine!

Garden at the Cellar
991 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138


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