chocolate cake … why not?

Sometime last week, one of my coworkers stopped by my desk to report a complaint: there is no cake in this office.  “[insert coworker who should not be named here] and I agree that there should be a steady supply of cake in this office,” (or something to that effect).  So I thought, why not?  I’ll bake a cake tonight.  I like cake too.  And then I remembered the honkin’ huge bottle of Disaronno that our friend Jim gave us a couple of weeks ago, so I started to Google recipes for amaretto cake but to no avail.  Most of them were just cake recipes where you poked holes in the cake after it was baked and then doused it with liqueur.  So instead I opted to make this simple chocolate bundt cake recipe by Gale Gand that I found on the Food Network, and then made a separate Disarrono glaze on the side in case some people don’t like amaretto flavor.

This was the first time I’ve used a recipe that calls for ice water in the batter.  I wish I was smarter and could figure out the scientific logic behind the use of ice water instead of say, oil, in a cake recipe.  But, alas, I’m not that smahht.  I can just presume that something about not using oil is what helps it turn out nice and light.  This was also the first time I’ve used this bundt pan in a really long time, but for some reason I remember the last thing I made being a little difficult to remove so I took the time to butter it well and coat it with a mixture of ground cocoa powder and flour as suggested in the recipe.  I came out like a charm after baking, and it added a nice layer of cocoa on the outside of the cake.

One thing to note: I didn’t have as much cake flour on hand as the recipe calls for (2-1/4 cups) so I had to improvise by using about 1 cup of cake flour and 1-1/4 cups of unbleached flour.  This is also the first time {cough: confession} that I took the time to sift the flour and cocoa powder together.  Again, maybe another reason why it turned out nice and light.  Although, I have a feeling too that it would’ve been even lighter had I used all cake flour.  Must try that next time.

To make the amaretto glaze, all I did was dump some confectioners sugar into a bowl (roughly a cup and a half) and then poured in about 2 ounces of the amaretto liqueur.  I stirred it together and it formed one big gummy ball.  So I thinned it out by adding some light cream and stirring more and more until it dissolved a little bit and loosened up enough.

I also made a batch of whipped cream using heavy whipping cream, a little bit of granulated sugar, and vanilla.  Super easy with the KitchenAid mixer!

I hauled it all in the next day to share with some coworkers and I think it was a hit.  I mean, who couldn’t love seeing an Outlook meeting request with the subject containing “cake!” and “why not?” as a reason or explanation?!  It was a really nice way of ending what seemed like a long, busy week with some fun people and to share a little bit of cheer in the office.  And then we talked about how it should be a weekly ritual that we could rotate with things like pies.  Mmmmmm.  I like the way my coworkers think.


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