feeling like popeye

For the longest time (okay, I say that a lot …) I thought I was allergic to spinach.  It’s been on my list of the “I want to retest this sometime to make sure” list, ever since I realized I couldn’t eat potatoes anymore.  You see, I used to eat potatoes A LOT.  And with almost EVERYthing, so there are numerous combinations with other foods that I probably think I’m allergic too because my body was reacting to the potatoes instead.  I have a feeling I ate a spinach salad one night before eating something with roasted potatoes and who knows, probably with carrots before I realized I was allergic to those too.

So I decided to sauteed some baby spinach in a little bit of a mix of butter and olive oil in a large pan.  I think I used 7/8 of this container (the other 1/8 went to my husband for a salad with his dinner that night) and it all wilted down to what you see on the plate above.  No kidding!  That’s a lot of spinach!  I seasoned it with some garlic, salt, and pepper and it was quite delicious.  I forgot what spinach tasted like, it’s been that long.

What else is on my plate you ask?  Well let me tell you about something I discovered at Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square last week: foie gras butter.  Yes!  Foie gras butter!  Doesn’t that just sound sinful?  It’s in a little plastic condiment sized container and costs $5.95.  The label on it says to melt on pasta, so that’s just what I did.  I used half of the container for 1/2 a pound of pasta and wow, it is delicious!  The ingredients are grade A duck liver, butter, shallot, fresh thyme, white wine, and salt.  Alongside the pasta is a boneless, skinless chicken thigh that I cooked in browned butter and garlic (super easy).  Yum-o.


2 thoughts on “feeling like popeye

  1. I love wilted spinach…a squeeze of lemon juice and a bit of salt! Yummy.

    What yarn are you using for your husband’s sweater? I love the color.

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