newbury street league gala

One of the perks of being the wife of a drummer in a band is that once in a while I get added to the guest list when they have special gigs.  This past Thursday, the band my husband plays with, Clutch Grabwell, was asked to play at the 29th annual Newbury Street League Gala which took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston’s Back Bay.  It was a pretty posh location for them, and the foodie in me was quite happy to be able to tag along.

So — you guessed it — this post is going to focus on some of the delicious dishes we got to try that night, all generously offered by restaurants on/near Newbury Street.  We’ll start with my favorite of the entire event: a wonderful seafood concoction from Asana restaurant, which funny enough, is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  This was definitely the most flavorful dish and I could’ve eaten at least five more helpings if it were possible.  Alas, it did have chorizo sausage in it so it probably wasn’t something I should’ve been eating (allergies), but the seared cod cheek was quite delectable and paired well with the mussel.  I also loved their presentation with the spotlight, fan, and tea lights.  The funny thing was that my husband enjoyed the chorizo so much and commented on how it was chopped up in small little squares “like on a Stouffer’s pizza”.  You can take the boy out of the ghetto

Another fun station was Snappy Sushi’s table which was full of beautiful sushi creations.  Their thing is that they only use brown rice which can be a nice twist if you’re seeking healthier sushi (but it’s pretty healthy as it is, right?).   They offered some really good salmon, tamago, ebi, spicy tuna, and cucumber maki rolls along with seaweed salad.

crab cakes from Stephanie's on Newbury

a variety of olive oil from Boston Olive Oil Company

a fun little strawberry dessert

goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon from Tapeo (these were unbelievably delicious!)

prosciutto wrapped crab salad on a mango sauce from Met Back Bay

strawberry lavender balsamic lemonade to drink; braised coffee balsamic short ribs with polenta and Pat's favorite olive oil (from the Boston Olive Oil Company) from Babytrain Bar Bar Q

There was complementary beer and wine, and both a silent and live auction going on during the event.  We bid on a $100 gift certificate to one of our favorite bars, Drink, but were outbid pretty early.  Our friend, Lennie Petersen, created a stunning piece featuring Bette Davis that was bid on in the live auction.  Women dressed up in some gorgeous dresses and the ballroom itself was quite posh and elegantly decorated, you know I totally felt under-dressed for the crowd!  Especially standing next to that 6 foot+ tall model!  The event wrapped up with Clutch Grabwell playing some of their originals and some cover songs which got some daring people out on the dance floor.

Again, just one of the perks of being a drummer’s wife.


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