mount auburn cemetery

2011_06 005

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It was a gorgeous spring day so we decided to take advantage of the non-humid, non-rainy weather to walk around Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA.  I know, you’re probably thinking, “you decided to walk around in a cemetery?” and ordinarily you wouldn’t catch me in one but I heard how beautiful the grounds are from friends who frequent it.  So I convinced my husband to check it out with me, and we’re glad that we did because it was much bigger than we thought and full of so much natural beauty.  Not to mention the incredible tombstones and decorative burial plots.

If you go, stop by the information desk near the front gate (the entrance is off of Mt. Auburn Street) and ask for a map (it’ll cost you 50 cents) as it contains walking paths and a driving map to view the burial sites of some famous people like Buckminster Fuller, Isabella Stewart Gardner, and Winslow Homer.  Founded in 1831, it was the first large-scale designed landscape open to the public in the United States.  Be sure to find your way to Washington Tower (hopefully not the way we found it on foot and after getting lost) because it provides a panoramic view at the top of Boston and the surrounding areas.

Mount Auburn Cemetery
580 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


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