think tank (cambridge)

the chicken kabob bento box

A couple of weeks ago, my coworkers and I took advantage of a beautiful spring day and drove over to Think Tank in Cambridge for lunch.  I had a $30 Groupon and it was nice to be able to share it with such great gal pals.  Did I bother to take any pictures of their outdoor seating area (where we sat and enjoyed the warmth)?  No, of course not.  What did I focus on?  The food!  Of course.  I can be so predictable.

I had the chicken kabob bento box (photo above).  Now I know, there are red peppers on that skewer.  Again, going back to one of my biggest pet peeves, I hate when restaurants don’t list everything that is included in the dish on the menu.  If it had said “chicken kabobs with onions and red peppers” I would’ve been able to at least ask if they could omit the red peppers.  Instead, I ended up eating around them and I seemed to be okay (no allergic reaction).  It was good (well, as much as I could eat), and the rice and edamame made up for it.  One of my coworkers got the crispy tofu and vegetables bento box (not pictured) and said it was really good.
Think Tank is a “bistrotheque” in the Kendall Square neighborhood that features Asian-influenced New American food.  Think bento boxes and kimchi as a side dish.  One example of their twist on American food is the Seoul burger: a Korean BBQ-marinated beef burger topped with a farm egg and sriracha aioli.  My friend said it didn’t really taste like Korean BBQ but that it was still good.  The portions were huge, and she took half of it home.  Look at all those sweet potato fries!

the Seoul burger

One of my friends had the curried chicken salad sandwich which had apple, grape, red onion and bibb lettuce in a toasted wrap.  She said it was quite delicious and again, the portion was pretty plentiful.

the curried chicken salad wrap

I would definitely like to check out Think Tank for dinner some time, even though I know it will probably be difficult for me to find things to eat on their menu since it is Asian-influenced (read: spicy, full of peppers).  It would probably be more of an outing to check out their bar and live music some night.  It was a great spot for lunch although it took a little over an hour.  There is plenty of metered parking spots nearby.

Think Tank
1A Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139 

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