bedford farms ice cream (concord)

There are just times when a craving for ice cream is something you cannot ignore.  It is certainly one food item that I can say has been consumed almost every other day (if not every day) by this prego beast.  So when it was one of those extremely hot, humid, and muggy days a couple of weeks ago we decided that my craving was a good enough reason to drive out to Concord for a really big helping of the good cold stuff.

One of my husband’s friends had taken him to Bedford Farms Ice Cream at their Concord location a little while ago.  All he could remember was that they give you a lot of ice cream for a “small”.  It was crowded when we got there even though it was later in the evening, so there was a short wait in line but that’s okay because it gave me time to look at their menu.  This photo isn’t of the actual menu (there were too many tall people in my way to get a good shot of it) but this board explained what was in some of the flavors with the made up names.

I think my husband said he had the “milky way” last time and that it was really good.  I went with the “white river junction” with the vanilla ice cream, caramel and almonds.  It was very yummy and hit the spot!  Tony went with the chocolate chip ice cream this time on a sugar cone.

And can I just say that when he told me that they gave you “a lot” of ice cream for a small, he really meant that they give you a TON of ice cream for a small – two honkin’ huge scoops!  I’m not complaining, just sayin’ is all … 😉

Bedford Farms Ice Cream
68 Thoreau Street
Concord, MA


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