it used to be a tablecloth

Another baby sewing project from the Lotta Jansdotter “Simple Sewing for Baby” book that caught my interest was the wipeable baby bibs made with oilcloth or laminated cotton fabric.  However, I didn’t have any oilcloth or laminated cotton fabric on hand so I thought I would search online to see if I could order a small piece to try out first.  Turns out that 1/2 a yard was the smallest amount I could get but by the time you added shipping, it was like paying double for it.  Ho hum.  Well, maybe that idea will have to be put to rest until I can figure out if there’s a local fabric store that carries oilcloth.

Then the very next day, I was strolling through Target and stumbled upon this super cute tablecloth with utensils all over it.  I thought, “This is a little too noisy for our table,” and then started to walk away when I realized that wait!  It’s got a slick surface on top.  <Turn package over>  What?  It’s wipeable, you don’t have to wash it to clean it?  Hmmm … this just might work!

In the end, I was able to make 5 baby bibs and one 30″ x 44″ splash mat / mess mat out of the one tablecloth that was about $8 after tax.  Not too shabby, eh?  I will have to say that the polyester backside made it a little difficult to sew together (I did a front and back to the bibs so both side were wipeable) because it would shift at times so there were some little bits of puckering here and there.  I used adhesive velcro squares for the connecting pieces.

A quick note about the splash mat – truthfully, I made it because I was tired of making the same bibs!  So I trimmed the leftover rectangle and folded it in half, then sewed up all four sides.  I made a little strap and sewed it onto one of the edges so that I velcro it closed when not in use, making it easier to transport around.

The tablecloth material is super light weight and dries quickly by hanging it over the shower on a hanger.

Next time I’ll definitely try making the bibs out of oilcloth and/or the laminated cotton fabric.  Stay tuned for the results!


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