october nor’easter

Before I moved to Massachusetts from California, I had never even heard of a “Nor’easter“.  I never thought that almost thirteen years later I would be experiencing one while nine months pregnant and crossing my fingers that my water wouldn’t break in the middle of the night.  (Side note – although, I’m sure there was at least one woman who did go into labor in the middle of this messy storm last night.)  Anyway, our power did go out a couple of times during the night but luckily was repaired by Nstar and it came back on around 6:30 this morning.  Whew.  We have a couple of downed wires in our driveway so we are waiting for the city’s public works office to dispatch someone to come move those.  But other than that we only have a few downed tree branches to worry about, as illustrated in the series of photos below.

Our back porch when the storm started, and then about 15 hours later.

The trees in our backyard throughout the storm.

One of the trees in our front yard was so weighed down with the icy snow that it split down the middle.

We woke up five or six times during the night as we heard tree limbs snap and fall to the ground.  The one here in our driveway brought down two lines.  Since our power is up and running right now we think they might be communication lines but we’re not sure since we don’t have a land line.

Anyway, to say the least, we’re glad that nothing actually landed on the house.  Hopefully the city crew will be able to come and clear those lines soon just in case the baby decides to arrive this week!


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