knitting :: first baby sweater

It’s definitely not perfect (don’t even let me get started on pointing out the imperfections) but it’s the first baby sweater I’ve knitted for our anticipated bundle of joy.  It’s my second time working with this pattern after making one earlier this year for a friend’s baby.  I really like how simple the pattern is to follow and that it’s all knit in one piece.

This time around I added the additional striping at the bottom of the sweater by doing two rows in the contrasting color after casting on and knitting a row in the main color.  I just had to remember to do it again when it came to the end of each flap.

I also added the button holes on the left flap by doing a couple of yarn-overs and placing markers so I knew when to cast on the stitches on the row afterward.  I think I got a little too ambitious with the idea of adding four buttons to this sweater and will probably just go for one large button the next time I decide to make this sweater.

The yarn used is a great cotton yarn by Knit Picks, and I used the honeydew and linen colors.  It’s washable and dry-able so I hope it can just withstand baby messes and still look okay after washing.  🙂


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