knitting :: baby hat and socks

As you can see, I’ve been on a knitting spree lately.  Thank goodness the carpal tunnel in my wrists has dwindled down enough so that I can get about an hour in before the tingling begins (compared to ten minutes before).  Luckily, too, I managed to find this super easy baby sock pattern that is worked from the top down and with the option to make the heel and toes in a contrasting color.  I made these two sets for two coworkers who are expecting baby boys this winter – hopefully this cashmerino yarn will help keep the little ones warm!

On the socks:  I did the top-down version and where it says to knit around until leg is desired length, I knit 10 rows.  When you get to the “sock foot” part and it says to work in stockinette until the desired length, I did 2 rows.

On the hat:  The hat is the umbilical cord pattern from the “Stitch ‘n Bitch” book.   I started alternating the yarn colors so that I would knit 2 with the gray, 2 with the green, 2 with the gray, etc. (while carrying the other strand along the way) and then do the opposite on the next row. I like how it kind of looks like little hearts!

Again, two very simple patterns to work with and I know I’ll have to crank out a set for our little girl very soon too.


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