lord hobo (cambridge)

After running around doing a bunch of errands on Saturday with my husband, we were famished and shared a craving for beef (particularly a good burger).  It was fun being able to actually “go out” with him after being cooped up at home for about a week, so we wanted to try some place we’ve never been to before.  I remembered hearing that Lord Hobo had good food, but I also remembered the one time we tried to go there a night a few months ago and not being able to get a seat because it was so crowded.  So since it was only about 5 pm we headed over (and after I found their menu on the Blackberry and started drooling over the choices) and luckily managed to find a parking spot nearby (that was another reason we never really were able to go there before this day – it’s mostly residential parking and the metered spots are like gold).

I think the biggest star on our table that night was the shaved prime rib sandwich that my husband ordered.  It’s served with an onion jam, blue cheese, and horseradish sauce on the side with a boat load of deliciously cooked fries.  He couldn’t stop raving about how much he enjoyed the toasted bread and how flavorful the meat was so I took a bite and totally agreed.  He was hesitant about ordering it at first because of the blue cheese but he said it was not overpowering at all (which was a relief).

As if the cool atmosphere of the dining and bar area, the large slate tile flooring, and glass of really good “punkin” ale weren’t enough of a reason my husband said, “I’m definitely coming back here for this sandwich.”

And yes – you guessed it – I got that burger I was craving!  Photographed here it’s served with a side of mixed greens instead of fries since I can’t eat potatoes (and didn’t want to waste them), plus a side of garlic aioli.  Despite having to order a well-done cooked burger, it was very delicious: the patty was thick, moist, and well-seasoned.  The bun was nicely toasted and everything on my plate pretty much disappeared (except for the pickle; it was quite limp and not-so-great).

We finished off the night with their chocolate dipped pretzel dessert.  They are served covered in pistachios, drizzled with white chocolate, and with bacon.  It also comes with peanut butter mousse on the side for dipping but neither of us were crazy about it – we pretty much focused on devouring the yummy pretzel sticks.  My husband said the white chocolate one was his favorite and I liked the bacon one the best, but all three were really tasty.  I thought it would be good with a cup of hot decaf coffee but we learned that they don’t serve coffee there (thanks to the host who also seemed to learn that fact that night – lol).

Overall I’m kind of bummed we didn’t learn about the greatness of the food here before we moved away from the neighborhood.  The atmosphere is a little bit loud but they play good music, and the ambiance is fun with the art on the walls and dangling light fixtures.  Most of the seating is high bar stool style but there are 3 or 4 low booth type of tables (so glad we scored one).  I definitely can’t wait to head back there after the baby arrives because if the well-done burger was good, I can only imagine how much I’m going to enjoy devouring a medium-rare cooked one.  Yum!

Lord Hobo
92 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


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