first printer (cambridge)

There’s a new restaurant in Harvard Square, did you know that?  A friend told me about First Printer after my husband mentioned it to me one day, so we decided to check it out last Sunday afternoon for lunch.

The restaurant is a nice open place with really high ceilings, old letterpress type drawers hung along the top of one wall, a bar in the middle, and an old bank vault with additional (more private) seating.  I thought how they had ‘wine’ and ‘beer’ cut out of the drink menu was pretty neat.

Their menu for lunch is the same for dinner and it offers a wide array of choices, including the “swamp bowl” which includes fried gator and steamed mudbugs.  Our waitress suggested the beef brisket and explained how it is smoked for twenty hours, which was enough to convince my husband to try it.

It was served Texas-style with BBQ sauce, a little bit of pickled cabbage, and fried onions.  It was a little too tall and messy to eat by hand, but equally delicious devoured by fork and knife.

I was in a burger mood so I ordered the “herd” which is made with fresh ground buffalo, grilled red onion, dressed mixed greens, and an aioli on foccacia.  It usually comes with wasabi horseradish-cheddar cheese but I opted for gruyere in case it had peppers in it (the waitress said it was spicy), and it was really good.  Mine was also a little sloppy for eating by hand so I ended up eating most of it with a fork.  I got a Caesar salad as a side instead of the fries (since I can’t eat potatoes anymore – boo) but I wasn’t crazy about it and the burger was filling enough.  The dressing on the Caesar was pretty bland and heavy on the salad too, so next time I would omit the side altogether.

The place opened up about a month ago and I can see it being popular with the college scene because of their affordable menu options.  It would be a good place for a casual date, a small group outing, and a nice place to take your parents to as well.  Its location is a bit off the main road on Dunster Street but I can imagine the bar filling up quickly with the after-work crowd once people learn where it is and that they make lobster hushpuppies.  🙂

First Printer
15 Dunster Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


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