the grilled cheese train

That’s right folks – all aboard the grilled cheese train!  I remember giggling a little bit when I read the Evite from our friends for this grilled cheese party, mostly because I thought it was such a cool theme idea for a party.  I mean who doesn’t like bread and cheese nevermind when it’s melted together with butter on a hot pan, right?  And then if you add bacon or avocado?  Shut the front door!  Now that’s what I call a yummy party idea!

We arrived at the party to find the hostess busy grilling away sandwiches galore in the kitchen.  They created a fun little menu of different bread and cheese combinations for people to pick from, and served them alongside some other yummy things like the aforementioned bacon and avocado, tomatoes, salad, and fruit.  Loved how it was a nice casual feel (like picnic style) with the paper bowls and the heating tray for the sandwiches to stay warm.

I think the sandwich I had was havarti with some bacon (yum!) on wheat bread – it was delicious and the cheese was perfectly melted and gooey!  We couldn’t stay much longer because we had the baby in tow which was probably a good thing because I’m sure we would’ve helped ourselves to sampling more cheesy goodness if we stayed any longer.  🙂

So if you’re ever trying to come up with a fun theme for a little get together, I’d highly suggest going the grilled cheese route.  I think we might have to copy this idea some day!

Thanks B + L for the fun time and delicious food!!


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